On Purpose is a social impact agency

We support non-profits, foundations, purpose-driven companies, and governments to develop and implement strategies that shift policies and change public narratives where it matters most.


These last years, political tensions are mounting and many people experience a decline in trust. As societies have increasingly become more diverse and polarization is rising, people are finding it harder to engage with those whose underlying values, perspectives and opinions differ from their own. However, we believe it is vital to engage constructively across differences to tackle our collective societal challenges.

How we work

Our strategy is to dive deeper. We explore underlying moral drivers and beliefs. We try to unravel us versus them thinking and focus on the persuadable middle. We seek to develop and co-create binding and engaging strategies, tactics and narratives. Our strategies to increase impact in a polarised landscape are based on (academic) research, established models and relevant insights of practitioners.

About us

On Purpose was founded by Mariken Gaanderse and Otto Kamsteeg. Both Mariken and Otto have extensive experience in developing, co-creating and facilitating strategies to create innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for social change. With a background in campaigning, (re)framing, lobby and advocacy, communication and marketing they have over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of organizations in both the profit and non-profit world.

Who we work with

On Purpose brings together a carefully curated network of people with a vast experience of grassroots activism, research, communication, campaigning, advocacy and strategic philanthropy.


Currently, we work on an interactive exploration for more public support for migration in the Netherlands: OnMigration. Next to that, we are collaborating with Kuno on diversity and inclusion in the humanitarian sector. We support Fontys university of applied sciences with the development of their social cohesion strategy.

Who we work for

We work for professionals who are dealing with complex challenges and the essential issues of our time. We don’t operate from an ivory tower; we provide (strategy) support rooted in the daily practice. Together we make change happen.

Strategies for impact in a polarised landscape.